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We simplified common questions asked by our clients in below section and there is continuous process of identifying general questions and e will keep update below section will be updated regularly . If question is not listed here please feel free to submit your question at contact us page.

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How to Order Products

We made this process as simple as possible for our customers and it is 4 step process .. One select the product which you like and second add to cart and in the third process please verify cart with expected item and finally in fourth step please complete checkout information and place your oder then you will receive confirmation number.
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Shipment & Delivery Time lines

Shipment & Delivery Time lines are vary based on the product supplier location and our suppliers are distributed across the world and maximum estimated order delivery range is in between 2 months to 3 months based on item quantity and design style
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Can I purchase products from my country?

ADD DOOR supplies products to all over the world but price more than $1000 or quantity 5 doors or more then it is customer responsibility to pay countries customs changes.
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Return Policy